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    Jprogressbar not updating

    i know maybe with it can be fixed easily, but i do want to know why this happen,although i change the value out the run method,when i print it out in the run method,it did changed.how can i fix that problem while changing value outside the run method?I apologize if this is a repeat question, but I have done some serious digging on this site with no luck. Edit: Per recommended duplicate, I tried this: private String get Output Line( String search String, String input Line ) throws Qas Exception { ..(code for processing lines)..count Record ; percent Complete = (int) Math.round((count Record/total Record)*100); Looks like you're mixing usages.If that won't work for you, which it seems like it won't just based on the above, start a Swing Worker from the button press event.Implement the Swing Worker methods kinda like this (pseudocode): You'll need to add error-handling and checks for complete and failure cases, but that should get you started and to where you want to be. You don't really need to return anything (although you do need a return type, yes, though Void/null is valid).

    Fixing the precision problem as well as moving the UI update code off the EDT should make this function properly.import

    When the new Pokemon health is higher than the previous Pokemon health, it will not update the value.

    If the new Pokemon health is lower than the previous Pokemon health, it will update the value, no problem.

    The problem is not that he's updating a Swing component off of the EDT -- that would cause a NPE or possibly a race condition.

    Since his Swing is locking up, he is calling a long running bit of code on the EDT, probably this part: to address both of these issues.

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